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Founded in 2004 by Dr. Alket Hyseni, H&A Law Firm has many years of experience in protecting the rights of citizens, institutions, businesses as well as many social categories that encounter legal problems.

H&A Law Firm aims to provide legal services, representation in national and international jurisdictions, and fiscal and financial consultancy with a thorough commitment to our clients and offering solutions to the most complex problems. Time and again, H&A Law Firm has ranked in the top list of the best offices in Albania. harmonizing the expertise of experienced attorneys and the energy and dynamics of young talent.

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We advise entities in all business sectors, strengthened by our knowledge of Albanian fiscal legislation and our recognized expertise in international affairs. H&A Law Firm has always been on the front line to anticipate changes in the law, which is now a key part of corporate growth strategies.

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Our philosophy is to provide our clients with exceptional legal representation and high value-added expertise